Granada High School

Granada Stadium Web Cam

Granada Stadium Web Cam

Granada Stadium:


1)  After connecting to the Granada high school stadium webcasting site through you must wait through a commercial.


2) is a free web site, and there is a limit to the upload speed to the site form the Granada stadium computer. In the winter of 2011, we plan to purchase the High Def version of the webcasting site. This will allow the use of advertisement and better video quality.


3)  There may be breaks in the web casting to allow for bandwidth clearing of the channel to from the Granada stadium computer.


4)  There are three cameras being used. One on the north east lighting pole (visitor’s side), typically point at the score board. One on the south east lighting pole (visitor’s side). One on the announcer’s booth, used for field coverage.


5)  Below the viewing image on your computer is “on demand”, this is where the files of previous web castings are stored. You can click on a file to view previous games and activities. Therefore, a game may have 10 – 20 or more on demand video files. We will have files break on change of possession during the football game.


6)  This web casting process is in a development and learning stage. Please send your thoughts and ideas to Brad Morisoli at


7)  The chat room is open to all viewers. Please be respectful with your comments and remember this is a high school activity being watched by people of all ages.