Granada High School



Check Out Granada High School Clubs for 2017-18!

Please see Mrs. Lemmon  for club charter applications if you would like to start a club.

Charters need to be re-submitted every year.


Asian American Club McCombs B. Harvey 301 Mon Lunch To celebrate Asian heritage and helping the Asian community
Astronomy Clifton M. Hayes 405 Fri Lunch Explore astronomy and related topics
At Your Service K. Willis V. Patel 401 2nd Tues Lunch Help those in need in the community
Baking/Early Risers B. Ellis do Amaral J. Sunderland 107 Wed 7:20 - 8:20 a.m. The Club is organized to allow the members of the club to express themselves through baking
Calculus Cup Club Clifton N. Macchioni 405 Thur Lunch Purpose of club is to provide a means by which students can sharpen or retain calculus related skills through individual or group competitions.
Current Events Martin J. Cleric 302 Tue Lunch To promote, educate, and discuss worldwide affairs in a safe environment to those in need
Dead Poets Society J. Mattern M. Stepanek 501 Mon Lunch To nurture the passion for poetry, learning and life
Debate Jost B. Meyer 508 Wed Lunch Giving students the opportunity to practice rhetoric and debate in a safe environment
Fashion Newkirk G. Masinger 308 Mon Lunch Purpose is to give an outlet to students that are interested in fashion
Film K. Pickering-Walters R. Hutchinson 608 Tue/Thu Lunch Club exists to give students more time to film for class or making your own movie/film/TV show
Future Medical Professionals Cleveland I. Randhawa S-9 Tue Lunch Club purpose is to introduce high school students to the different fields of medical occupations, to guide them in the steps needed in order to become a medical professional.
Gender, Sexuality Alliance Rasor Z. Guelfand S-3 Tue Lunch For the purpose of ending homophobia and transphobia at GHS and to provide a safe space for LGBTQ+ people and their allies
GHS Ice Hockey Meier T. Rodgers 201 EO Thur Lunch Club is committed to enriching student life through a program promoting the development of qualities in the student-athlete that will serve the participating individual and the community.
GHS Math Clifton M. Singhal 405 Mon Lunch Preparing for math competitions and appreciating math
Girls Who Code K. Willis K. Wang 401 Thur 3:15-4:45 Purpose of club is to teach and encourage programming skills
Granada Library Advisory Board McGowan A. Stewart text@ckkb96 to 81010 Mon Lunch Aims to aid students by providing and creating a friendly and successful learning environment in the library
Health Educators Aubel D. Rettig P-15 Thu Lunch Aims to fight drug use, especially tobacco, and promote health to improve every student's life through creating a healthy environment.
Hiking Storti K. Hinds 404 EO Wed Lunch To get together, to discuss, and partake in hikes together.  Promotes physical activity as well as time spent in nature.
Hip Hop Drief D. de Ocampo P-10 Fri Lunch Promotes Hip-Hop dance and performs at rallies to express themselves and create a positive environment for the school.
Interact Dourov J.Hoang 205 Thu Lunch Young people working together in a world fellowship dedicated to service and international understanding.
La Revista Thayer L. Fernandez P-1 Fri Lunch This is a magazine club which strives to inspire bilingual writers to publish their work.
Latino Ventura W. Grande P-26 Tue Lunch Purpose is to build community among those who identify with the Latino community through helping others out
League of Legends Taggart A. Patterson MM-3 Thu Lunch Club is formed  to gather news locally and events around the world.  To provide instruction for beginners, to give opinions on the continuous updates on the game, including the play styles of our peers
Literary Society McGowan L. March MM-4 Wed Lunch Prove the works of literature; to spread the joy of reading to others
Meditation Newkirk/Pang S. St. Claire 304 Wed Lunch Purpose is to teach students to practice mindfulness.
Me to We Club Newkirk J. Jorgenson 308 Wed Lunch Focus on international and domestic problems and provide assistance to those in need
Mock Trial Mariotti A. Trujillo 404 Tue/Thu Lunch Organized for the purpose of involving students in the law process
Model United Nations Hauselt L. Zhong 300 Thu Lunch Purpose is to establish and maintain a wholesome Model United Nation learning and interactive environment
Mountain Bike Club Baez H. Glasco 402 Fri Lunch Exploring and enjoying the great outdoors on bikes
Psychology Thayer M. Dhillon P-1 Mon Lunch Purpose is to give students a place to gain exposure to psychology in an academic and real world setting
Reach the Community Gatehouse J. McClaren 103 Tue Lunch Club is organized for the purpose of studying the Bible and reaching the community of GHS
Red Cross M. Miller

C. Morris


S-2 Tue Lunch Running blood drives, supporting communities, develop better human relations by performing services which benefit the global community
Robotics Club Danner C. McCandless 604 Lunch Building robots and competing in robotic events
Shooting Stars Booe M. Wharton 407 Thu Lunch Club is organized for the purpose of special education and fully abled students getting together to perform a routine.
Spanish Club Gracia M. Gracia P-9 Fri Lunch Educate people on the Spanish language and culture
Table Tennis J. Avilla O. Rooney Sm. Gym Thu Lunch To provide the opportunity to play table tennis, no matter the skill level, with students at school
Ultimate Frisbee Meier/Head R. Murray Football Field Tue/Wed Lunch Club is formed to host pick-up style Ultimate Frisbee games on campus