Granada High School

Important Info about GHS


In the spring, students will receive preliminary schedules to review. They will receive their final schedules at Matador Days in August. The final versions will include teacher names and room numbers. Students will need to show their new IDs to get their schedules.

Teachers are hired and classes are set up based upon student requests. As a result, the only schedule changes allowed are for students who have been placed into incorrect courses - for example, a student who was placed into French 2 without having had French 1. Students should complete changes PRIOR to the first day of classes.

Adding and Dropping Classes

Under the unusual circumstance that a student needs to add or drop a course following the beginning of instruction, because he/she is placed into an incorrect course, the following grade policies apply:

1) Within first three instructional days - Students may add or drop without a penalty to their transcript. Parent signature required.

2) After third day but before progress reports - Students will be given a W (withdrawal) if they are passing the course or an F if they are not. Parent signature and consent of instructor or VP required.

3) After Progress Reports - Students may not drop courses.



The student parking lot is capable of holding approximately 300 cars.  Students are not allowed to park in the front parking lot or the parking lot alongside the shop classes, as these are reserved for staff and visitors.  All parking on campus requires a permit. 

Permits will be available to seniors only during Matador Days.  Remaining permits will be available to all other students at the beginning of the second week of school. 

Students must puchase parking permits each trimester. 


High schools in Livermore have closed campuses. Students are not allowed to leave campus at break or at lunch.  Seniors can earn off-campus lunch privileges by maintaining good grades (no F's), good attendance (no unexcused absences and three or fewer tardies to 4th period), and good behavior (no suspensions).

Seniors will be given special ID cards that they MUST have in their possession in order to leave campus.  Seniors who do not have their ID's will not be allowed to leave campus during lunch.

The parking lots will be considered off-campus and students will not be allowed to go back and forth to their cars during the school day.


The district Campus Catering Services meet regularly with a student committee to pick items to be sold on campus.  New federal regulations regarding the nutritional values of products sold on campus will have to be followed. This will eliminate some of the high calorie snack foods that have been sold in the past.


Parents have 24-hour access to student grade information on PowerSchool.  Check out our website to see how to sign up.


Granada staff has identified five areas of concern regarding student behavior, known as the Behavioral Absolutes.  They are:

Being on time is a sign of respect and recognition of the fact that time is an important commodity.  The schedule was created to give students plenty of time (10 minutes) to get to class.  We expect them to take the responsibility of being on time.

Students are expected to eat breakfast, lunch and snacks outside of class time.  Food and drinks (other than water)  may not be consumed during the time when students are in class.

Students are not allowed to have cell phones turned on or in view during the times that class is in session.  This includes times when students are traveling to and from the bathroom.  Cell phones may be used during break, lunch, and before and after school.  Cell phones seen or heard during class will be confiscated and sent to the office.  On the first offense, the student may pick up the phone at the end of the day.  The second offense will require that a parent pick up the phone in person.  Any student who disregards the rule a third time will be blocked from participation in school activities (sports, club, dances, etc.) until cleared by an administrator.

Students are expected to use appropriate language at school and school events.  Vulgar, profane, or hateful language is not acceptable at any time.  Students are reminded that many people find such language offensive and disrespectful and are asked to respect that fact.

The Governing Board of the Livermore School District believes that appropriate dress and grooming contribute to a safe and productive learning environment.  The Board expects students to give proper attention to personal cleanliness and wear clothes that are suitable for the school activities in which they participate.  Students' clothing shall not present a health or safety hazard or a distraction that would interfere with the educational process.

Further, at Granada High we believe that appropriate attire suggests an understanding that school is a place of importance and that comfortable clothing need not be outside the bounds of common decency.

In accordance with district policy and school philosophy, the following are considered inappropriate examples at Granada High School:

1. Shirts ripped or torn down the sides
2. Running shorts/cut-offs/and short shorts
3. Halter tops, tube tops, and see-through tops
4. Clothing promoting alcohol or illegal substances or displaying racist or sexist remarks, or language, pictures or messages that are inappropriate
5. Clothing that local law enforcement has identified as gang or drug related 
6. Bare back, midriffs, or low neck line
7. Micro-mini skirts, halter or bra tops
8. Sleeveless muscle shirts
9. Bare feet
10. Sheer/see-through clothing
11. Bathing suits

Respect at Granada extends to our classrooms and campus environment.  Students are expected to clean up after themselves.