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Keith Pickering-Walters


Welcome to my School Loop website.

You are probably here because you are taking one of my courses - Studio Broadcast Productions 1, Studio Broadcast Productions 2A, 2B or 2C, Animation 1, Animation 2, Video Productions 1, Video Productions 2, or Video Productions 3A, 3B, or 3C.  You could also be here because you work with a student in my class.


I currently have the vast majority of my documents available on my Google Website.  Over Trimester 1, I'll be migrating the content from the Google Site to this SchoolLoop Site in preparation for Trimester 2.


During Trimester 1, please visit PW's Google Site first. If you can't find something, feel free to give me a yell.


Depending on the needs of my students, their parents/guardians, and other staff members, I'll add content to this website. If there is something helpful that I can add to the website, please let me know and I'll see what I can do to make that happen.

Most assignments will have their documentation attached as a PDF document.

I can be reached through School Loop mail, District e-mail (, or through the District telephone/voicemail system (925-606-4800 x 3685). For the fastest reply, e-mail works best.

I hope that you enjoy your year here at GHS and in my classes. If you have questions, concerns, or special needs, please don't hesitate to chat with me.



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