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Tom Shefler

Physics, IB Physics, AP Physics, Astronomy & Principles of Engineering

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PhET Interactive Physics Simulations from the University of Colorado Boulder:


Physics Classroom - A site for tutorials and extra practice problems (with solutions):


The AP Physics C - Mechanics Exam - Exam Questions, Solutions, and Scoring Guides for past AP Exams:


Full 1998 AP Physics Exam - Full exam, both Multiple Choice and Free Response Questions, along with Solutions and Scoring Guides:


Physics for the IB Diploma - Site for the IB Physics text book.  Includes detailed solutions to Test Yourself and Exam-Style Questions:


Science on Saturday videos on UCTV:

Science on Saturday student notes pages can be found here:


Fusion & Astrophysics Teacher Research Academy at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory:


New Horizons mission to Pluto and the Kuiper Belt:


Astronomy Picture of the Day from NASA:

About Mr. Shefler

I received a Bachelor of Science degree in physics and applied mathematics from Western Michigan University in 1997 and a Master of Arts degree in astronomy and astrophysics from the University of California at Berkeley in 2000. While at Berkeley, I researched analyzed and cataloged Hubble Space Telescope images of galaxies, observational research involved in the detection and study of exoplanets, and discovered Supernova 1998DT while working with the Katzman Automatic Imaging Telescope team. During my graduate studies I fell in love with teaching and entered the teaching profession in 2000 at Granada High School.


In addition to teaching at Granada High School, I also work as a faculty scholar at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory,  where I've helped present several lectures in the Science on Saturday series.  I also teach the Level I and II Fusion & Astrophysics Teacher Research Academy every summer at LLNL.  This two-week workshop offers current and soon-to-be middle- and high-school teachers opportunities to learn about research at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory as well as curriculum and activities they can take back to their classrooms through a series of lectures, hands-on activities, guest speakers, and tours.


Outside of the classroom, I enjoy science fiction and fantasy, hiking, and playing with my cats.

Making a comet for Science on Saturday

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