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2013 NCS Scholar Athlete Awards

NCS Scholar Athlete Awards:

     Varsity Distinguished Team (Team GPA 3.6)

     Junior Varsity Distinguished Team (Team GPA 3.4)

     Freshman Distinguished Team (Team GPA 3.5)


Individual Scholar Athlete Awards:

     Camaryn Bricker

     Marlo Callon

     Cassie Conrad

     Kylie Henley

     Maggie Kilday

     Zoe Kline

     Jennifer Peoples

     Abby Youngblood


  Junior Varsity:

     Leah Gong

     Cammi Harwood

     Cameryn Long

     Lili Montes

     Nicole Ott

     Katelyn Revay



     Natalie Bills

     Julia Cable

     Reiley Davies

     Megan Figlenski

     Siena Gibbs

     Ashley Graham

     Katie Nowlan

     Sasha Wojcik


2013 All-EBAL Selections

2nd Team

     Zoe Kline (Jr) - Middle


Honorable Mention

     Marlo Callon (Sr) - Outside Hitter


2012 All-EBAL Selections

1st Team

     *  Jane Petricka (Sr) - libero

2nd Team

     *  Kristy Kearney (Sr)

2011 All-East Bay Selections

2nd Team

     *  Melissa Summers (Sr) - libero

3rd Team

     *  Essie Helminen (Jr) - outside hitter

2011 All-EBAL Selections

1st Team

     Essi Helminen (Jr)

     Melissa Summers (Sr)

East Bay Volleyball Notes:  2011 Player of the Year Candidate Melissa Summers (GHS)

By Matt Smith
Monday, October 3rd, 2011 at 10:12 am in Girls Volleyball.

Let’s stick with liberos as we continue our profiles of East Bay Player of the Year candidates. This week, the case is made Granada’s Melissa Summers.

Everybody knows that with great athletes, comes great talent. But what makes that athlete special is the things they do outside of that talent. Being a selfless teammate, being a leader and having a good attitude are what separates the great from the outstanding.  Granada’s Melissa Summers is outstanding.  A first team All-East Bay performer last year, Summers is just as good again this year, and she’s doing so much more.
With the Matadors running into some setting problems, and with Summers getting short notice that she was needed to set against Amador Valley, she stepped in and stepped up.  “We all know she can dig, pass and serve,” Granada coach Toni Templeman said. “But when I told her we needed her to set, she had a day to practice and then had to play a position she never had played. I was so impressed with her poise and attitude, not to mention her performance. She really can do whatever is needed of her. To me that’s impressive.” That is the epitome of selfless.

How about leadership? Summers has plenty of that.  “Without her we would be scrambling,” Templeman said. “She is our leader on and off the court. Our team has relied on her for many things. Without Mel this year we would be half as good. It will be a tough loss to graduate her after this season.”

Summers has all the signs of an outstanding volleyball player, and that is just the thing. She is a true volleyball player. The desire, the way she treats her teammates and the way she approaches the game separate her from most players in the East Bay.  “To me, she is a real volleyball player as opposed to a girl who just plays volleyball,” Templeman said. “She has a will to win and she is a fantastic teammate. She is very coachable and this makes her a player every coach would want.”

2010 All East Bay Selections

2nd Team

     *  Melissa Summers (Jr.) - libero


3rd Team

     *  Kelly Shaver (Sr.) - outside hitter

2010 All-EBAL Selections

1st Team
      *  Kelly Shaver (Sr)

     *  Melissa Summers (Jr)

2009 All-East Bay

First Team All-East Bay Selection - Devin Shaver

"Shaver was another multitalented player in the East Bay this year, doing many things well on the court.  On top of being a great setter, she could block and hit.  She was first team All-EBAL, and had 731 assists, 265 digs, 149 kills and 49 blocks."  (Valley Times, 12-25-09)

2009 All-EBAL Selections

First Team

     *  Devin Shaver

     *  Katie Osborne

2nd Team

     *  Courtney Atchley

Honorable Mention

     *  Alix Medieros


1st Team

     *  Devin Shaver


2nd Team

     *  Jamie Douglas


Honorable Mention

     *  Kelly Shaver

     *  Katie Uglow

NCS Finals - GHS Loses a Hard-fought Battle to San Ramon Valley

*  GHS places 2nd in NCS

NCS Semifinals - GHS Sweeps Past Top-Seeded Deer Valley

*  GHS beats the #1 seed Deer Valley in 3 games!

NCS Quarterfinals - Saturday, Nov. 15th - at GHS

*   GHS beats Foothill in 4 games!!!

2013 Varsity Team

2013 Varsity Team