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Below you will find user instructions for setting up and navigating the PowerSchool Parent and Student portals. We hope that this page will be a helpful resource. New resources will be added to this site as questions come up or new features are added.

PowerSchool Frequently Asked Questions


1.  Q:  How do I setup my PowerSchool account?

     A:  How to setup your PowerSchool account.


2.  Q:  I already have a parent account for my junior son, how do I add my freshman daughter?

     A:  How to add a student


3.  Q:  How do I change my password on my PowerSchool parent account?

     A:  How to change your password


4.  Q:  How do I use the calendar?

     A:  Using the My Calendar feature


5.  Q:  How can I receive emails everyday about how my students are doing in class?

     A:  Subscribing to automatic email notifications


6.  Q:  When will I see assignments?

     A:  Assignments are posted as the individual teachers publishes their assignments.

As always, if you have a concern about your student's progress in a course, please contact his/her teacher.