Granada High School

Visual & Performing Arts Department

The California State Framework for the Visual and Performing Arts identifies that each of the arts contains a distinct body of knowledge and skills that characterize the power of each to expand the perceptual, intellectual, cultural and spiritual dimensions of human experience. This capacity of human beings to create and appreciate the arts is one of many reasons to teach the arts in schools. Study and practice in the arts refines a student’s abilities to perceive aesthetically, to make connections between works of art and the lives of people, and to discuss visual, kinesthetic and auditory relationships. Students learn to locate works of art in time and place, make reasoned judgments about them, and investigate how artworks create meaning. The UC/CSU system requires a one-year (two-trimester) course of study of one visual or performing art.

For a list of Visual & Performing Arts courses, with descriptions, please see the Course Catalog and Planning Guide.

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VPA Teachers

Bailey, Deborah
Digital Photography Teacher
Department Chair

Friel, Dustin

Music Teacher

Janda, Alexandria

Video Productions/Studio Broadcast Teacher

Pascoe, George
Music Teacher

Pickering-Walters, Keith
Video Productions/Studio Broadcast Teacher

Sira-Graham, Carlee

Ceramics Teacher

Thournir, Laura
Art Teacher
Watts, Jefrey
English/Drama Teacher