Granada High School

World Languages Department

The goal in each language class is to develop cultural understanding and fluency in the target language. Daily classroom activities require students to demonstrate understanding in listening, speaking, reading and writing. As students study the culture, they apply their language skills in practical, real-life situations, Internet projects and exchange programs. Increasingly complex activities engage the students, extend their language acquisition and use, and allow them to progress through various levels of language. Homework is an integral part of the World Language Program. The use of technology is expected in each class. All students are required to take an exit proficiency exam at the end of each level.

For a list of World Languages courses, with descriptions, please see the Course Catalog and Planning Guide.


World Languages Teachers

Cariveau, Jacqueline Spanish Teacher
Csider, Barbara ASL Teacher/Department Chair
Drief, Kelly Spanish Teacher
Gasquy, Michel French Teacher
Gracia, Martha Spanish Teacher
Grobmeier, Maria Spanish Teacher
Hunt, Leigh Spanish Teacher  
Lillie, Jane French Teacher
Ventura, Maria Elena Spanish Teacher