Granada High School

English Department

The basic English program covers the broad fields of composition, literature and language, with training in the skills of reading, listening, speaking and writing. The department also offers courses in special phases of reading literature, writing, speech and journalism. In accordance with recommendations in the English Language Arts Framework for California Public Schools, electives have been added to the program.

For a list of English courses, with descriptions, please see the Course Catalog and Planning Guide.

English Teachers


Arora, Puja English Teacher
Bynum, Michael English Teacher
Cariveau, Jon IB Coordinator
Cole, Samantha English Teacher
Gatehouse, Tiffany English Teacher/Leadership Teacher
Haberman, Lauren English Teacher
Hightower, Ryan English Teacher  
Jost, Lisa English Teacher/Journalism Advisor/Department Chair
Mancuso, Maureen English Teacher
Marine, Aaron English Teacher
Mattern, Jeremy English Teacher
McGowan, Sherry Teacher Librarian
Munoz, Madalyn English Teacher
Noble, Alyson English Teacher anoble
Taggart, Robin English Teacher
Watson, Elizabeth English Teacher
Watts, Jefrey English/Drama Teacher
Zymajtis, Joan English Teacher