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Draft Supporters Bylaws for Review

Please click here to view the unformatted draft of the updated Supporters’ bylaws.

Please note that the text with a strike-through means that the language will be deleted from the bylaws. Bold text means that the language will be added to the bylaws.

The final, formatted version of the bylaws will be voted on at the Supporters meeting on May 14 at 6:30 in Room MM4.


Thank you Supporters


What is Granada Supporters?

Granada Supporters is a non-profit organization consisting of parents, teachers, staff, coaches and interested community members working together to support and enrich academic and athletic programs, school facilities and student activities at Granada High School. Granada Supporters helped support many needs during this last school year, including:

Academic Celebration, Mock Trial, Safe and Sober Grad Night, LVEF Reach for the Stars, assistance to Eagle Scouts, GHS Band, Granada Supporters Senior Scholarships, school beautification programs, new computers, new sand volleyball courts, athletic teams and equipment, new weight room equipment, new team rooms, flag pole on baseball field, and more!

Your contribution and support will make a difference. Annual Membership is $20, or Lifetime Membership is $100 per family. Please join today!

In addition to your financial support, Supporters would love to have you not only involved in monthly meetings, but participate in some of the activities and events that support the high school and generate funds.

Meetings are held monthly. Days and times are listed on the right. Membership is not required, so please attend!

Raise Money for Granada Supporters through Escrip

Raise money for Granada Supporters just by shopping!

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2018-2019 Meetings

All meetings are at
6:30 p.m. in room MM4

August 13
Sept. 10
Oct. 8
Nov. 5
Dec. 10
Jan. 14
Feb. 11
March 11
April 8
May 13
June 3

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2018-2019 Sports Information Meetings

Information meetings for Coaches and Parents

All meetings at 7:00 in the Student Union

Fall Sports, August 6

Winter Sports, October 22

Spring Sports, January 21


Every Saturday, 5:00pm  at Granada

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