Granada High School

School Site Council

The School Site Council (SSC) is composed of students, parents, community members, teachers and administrators and meets each month during the school year. The basic concept of the SSC is a follows:

"Those individuals who are most affected by the operation of Granada High School should have a major role in the decisions regarding how the school functions."

It is the role of the Granada School Site Council to advise the principal and staff on the planning, implementation and evaluation of the School Improvement Plan, and to allocate SIP (school improvement plan) funds from the state to support the goals of the school plan. The SSC reviews the progress of the school in achieving the goals of the plan.

Members of the School Site Council serve for two years. Parents and community members are selected on Back To School Night. Teachers and administrators are selected by their colleagues and students are chosen through the Associated Student Body (ASB) program.

Parent members of the SSC also monitor the Parent Connection section of the Granada High School Website. Click HERE to access the Granada Parent Connection webpage.