Granada High School

Tri-Valley ROP Office

1040 Florence Rd.

Livermore 94550

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Tri-Valley ROP

Regional Occupational Programs (ROP)

Regional Occupational Programs (ROP) provides engaging learning opportunities for high school students eager to acquire career training and technical skills essential for business and industry employment.


Through our ROP programs, students will learn how core school subjects like math, science and writing are used in real-life. With industry trained teachers, California Department of Education (CDE) approved curricula, and high tech equipment, ROP provides a challenging, rigorous learning environment, in preparation for both college and career. 


Students will have the opportunity to participate in hands-on training in your chosen program and gain real world experience through job shadows and internships. Many programs offer you the opportunity to earn nationally recognized certifications or earn college credits through Las Positas and/or Chabot Colleges. 

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How to Enroll in a ROP class?

Students interested in taking an ROP class should talk to Mrs. Watson or their counselor to see what, if any, requirements there are for the class. Most ROP classes can only be taking during junior and senior year. Both Medical Occupations and Nursing have a mandatory parent/student orientation that happens in the spring, prior to the year the student plans to take the class. There is an application process for these two classes. 


For more information about the ROP classes and requirements, refer to the Granada High School Course Catalog. Click here to access to 2017-2018 Course Catalog. 


ROP Videos

Learn more about the ROP classes we offer by watching videos here.

ROP Classes offered at Granada

- Developmental Psychology of Children I & II (3 trimesters)

- Medical Occupations (3 trimesters)

- Integrated Marketing Communications (2 trimesters)

- Economics of Business Ownership (2 trimesters)

- Introduction to Business (1 trimester)

- Sports Medicine/Athletic Training (2 trimesters)

ROP classes offered off-campus

- Animation & Motion Graphics I & II (Dublin High)

- Auto Body Repair I & II (Livermore High)

- Automotive Technology (Livermore High)

- Criminal Justice Academy (Las Positas College)

- Cybersecurity: ICT Essentials (Livermore High) 

- Emergency Medical Responder (Foothill High)

- Internet Engineering I (CCNA1) (Livermore High)

- Internet Engineering 2 (CCNA2) (Livermore High)

- Introduction to Criminal Justice (Livermore High)

- Introduction to Health Careers (Livermore High)

- Nursing Careers (Foothill High)

- Sports Medicine 2 (Livermore High)

- Video Game Art & Design (Dublin High)